The Joy of a Sale

As a creator of original things, is there anything more exciting than finding someone so in love with one of your pieces that they are prepared to part with their hard earned cash to have it permanently in their home?

My artwork is a personal expression where I love some of my works more than others, but each reflecting a state of mind at the time they were created.   When I find someone who relates to my work it brings a little zing of happiness to my artistic self.  This is even more true with the pieces I have mixed feelings about, reflecting the personal experience of each person’s view of an artwork.

At the end of the day I define art as something created that results in a sensation, feeling or response from the view, be it bad, controversal, emotional, passionate or great.


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Australian Artist, painting with Gouache and Oil Pastel on Paper. Lover of lines, curves, colour and texture.

Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, I've spent most of my adult life travelling, time living in Sweden and Adelaide and have settled in Brisbane with my little family.

I'm creative by nature and find inspiration in many different corners of this world, some just under my nose, others a life time away. I blog because I love to share what I discover, and to inspire myself.

You'll find my blogging about my paintings and artwork on:
and about my cooking adventures on

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