Where does my inspiration come from?

Like writers I find as an artist I go through dry spells where I have a form of “creative block”.  Over the years I’ve found different ways of breaking this period of time and getting my brain back into a create space, getting my eye back in as such.

Santorini DrawingSantorini, Greece

Travel is perhaps the biggest stimulant which generates a new way of looking at things.  The change of scenery, the variation of smells, flavours and sounds tend to wake up my senses and get me looking at things differently.  I’m also an avid photographer and find looking at the world through a viewfinder tends to improve my eye as I frame images with my camera and look for visually appealing or interesting scenes.  Unfortunately though travel is not always a possibility though with time and money constraints and so I turn to other sources for stimulation.

PearsPears (2014) by Leah Gay

Food is probably my go to subject choice.  Be it getting in the kitchen and immersing myself in the textures, colours, flavours and smells or if I can’t be cooking and feel more like I need to be drawing or painting then I’ll turn to the fruit or vegetables in my kitchen as a subject matter.  I particularly love pears, capsicums (peppers), tomatoes and onions as their shape and colour are friendly to my style of drawing and painting.

TomatoesTomatoes (2014) by Leah Gay

Outside the kitchen I find using the philosophy of “smelling the roses” comes in handy.  I walk through Brisbane’s China Town and Fortitude Valley from the train station to my office for my day job and find that there is an endless display of interesting street art, architecture, people and even the occasional surprising pocket of mother nature like this beautiful water lily.

Another way to approach inspiring myself is to play music.  I have very eclectic music tastes so I could find myself playing anything from the compilation albums of Buddha Bar, to songstress Norah Jones, perhaps a bit of old school blues with Nina Simone or even going for a bit of 80’s mash-up with Michael Jackson and Madonna. The only style that I avoid is hard-core metal music and full on rap as I find it more dis-jointing than inspirational.

What inspires you to create?


4 thoughts on “Where does my inspiration come from?

  1. 30 minutes on the treadmill! I’m usually ready to run right off and grab my paints. I use my camera as a form of creativity when I don’t have time to paint. I recommend “The Artist’s Way” to anyone that has creative block. It’s a great read.

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