The Evolution of Nudes

I started painting nudes back in the late 1990’s.  The first one was tentative and delicate of sorts as I started to explore form and shape. Learning to observe what was before me rather than what I knew was a challenge.  I avoided hands, feet and faces, my nudes very anonymous.

As time moved on, I went through a phase where it was all I painted.  I had some commissions which expanded my perspective and encouraged my technique and my style really started to emerge.

I love playing with the shapes of the female form and the shadows created.  I’ve also pushed my representation with some interesting abstracts inspired by these lines.

Lines of a Woman 2004 by Leah GayI don’t think I’ll ever get bored of painting the lines of a nude, there is just too many interesting shapes to explore. For now Life Drawing is fulfilling this love but I can see it will be something I’ll be diving back into with my brush and pastels at the ready very soon.

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