Sunset September

September has been a busy month in the studio.

The sunsets that I talked about last month are ruling my creativity with more variations, but I’ve also managed to find time to squeeze in the start of a travel series from Ireland and keep working on my Great Barrier Reef Series.

Mysteries of The Reef by Leah Gay 2017

My other big news is that I made a mighty commitment to my art and entered into my first art competition as an adult.  I certainly tested myself and almost let self doubt and procrastination get in the way but I’m happy to say I got there in the end.

Winter Reflections by Leah Gay 2017
Winter Reflections by Leah Gay 2017

The result?  The painting is a finalist and the winner of the main prize will be announced on the 7th of October.  Its a wonderful confirmation as someone just beginning to promote my work that my paintings are of a standard to be exhibited with professionals.

The painting will be part of the 2017 Artworld Studio Gallery Landscape Exhibition running from the 7th of October until the 28th of October in Norman Park, Brisbane.

Finally I’ve been regularly attending life drawing classes which is extending my observation skills and inspiring me to want to paint some more female nudes.  Hopefully I’ll have more to share on this area next month.


Until Next Time,


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