Why I Paint The Female Form

Women has been a subject of artists for centuries inspiring some of the greatest works of art we recognise such the Venus De Milo or the Mona Lisa.

What is surprising is finding out that there is a disproportionate number of men to women exploring the female form. I could speculate the many levels as to why this could be but I thought I would share with you why I choose to paint female nudes.

Nude Abstract (2000) by Leah Gay
Nude Abstract (2000) by Leah Gay

Firstly, I love lines. It is one of the key drivers of my artwork and there is nothing more luscious and curvy than the lines in a woman.

brett whitely reclining nude 1974
Reclining Nude by Brett Whiteley 1974

Secondly, and more personally, I initially started painting female nudes as a form of self portraits when I was a teenager. It was a way to learn about physical form and to find beauty in my shape and size. It was also convenient to be my own model as it is cheap and easily accessible.  I’m far from a perfect size 10, but artists of a different era such as Henri Matisse, Tamara De Lempicka or Brett Whiteley would revel in the curves and shadows my body creates

henri matisse pink nude
Pink Nude by Henri Matisse

Whilst fashion might focus on how small we are and lacking in curves, my work will always be a reflection of the realities of the different shapes of our bodies and the beauty that exits in every shape and size.

tamara de lempicka la belle rafaela 1927
La Belle Rafaela by Tamara De Lempicka (1927)

The life drawing classes I’ve started attending this year have broadened my subject matter but only confirmed for me that the people who are the most inspiring to my artistic eye are those that have shape.


This November I am making my nudes a focus in the art I create so make sure you add your name to the mailing list to see more of what I’m creating and discover more about what inspires my style.

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