New Zealand

Horizon lines can create perspective and distance or perhaps a sense of journey, destination or future. The horizon is infinite for everyone, and what we see when we look to it is very subjective.

If you’ve been looking through my recent paintings you’ll notice a theme emerging in them. The obvious answer would be travel, or holiday destinations, but there is more to it than that. I’m finding myself obsessed with lines, and more specifically horizon lines.

My love of lines is not new, I grew up idolising Matisse and Brett Whiteley for their magical lines, but lines in landscapes is a recent discovery.

This past week I’ve had the opportunity to head to New Zealand for some family time. It’s been long over due to bring my little boy back to see where his Dad grew up, and to visit relatives and most importantly our 93 years young Granny.

In the midst of the catch ups we’ve stolen some moments to play tourist and see more of the gorgeous countryside. For me, New Zealand never disappoints. It evokes memories of Victoria, where I grew up, and of Ireland and the UK. The scenery is spectacular. We were treated to an amazing sight just coming in to land in Wellington with stunning coastline that evoked the line of a wandering pencil across a page

As we travelled around the South West corner of the North Island of New Zealand we were greeted with some absolutely stunning scenery that I could talk about for hours. Instead I’ll let some of my photos give you a glimpse of what we saw. They don’t do it justice but they are still beautiful.

I have a number of ideas of how I’ll use these images so make sure you join me by subscribing to my blog or following me on Instagram or Facebook.


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