Autumn Lights Up My Artwork

Autumn has finally arrived in Brisbane, with crisp dewy mornings, beautiful mild sunny days and the duration of daylight receding.     I love this time of year, it is when I’m at my most energised and inspired.

Playing With Gouache

The change of light has coincided, or perhaps inspired, a shift in how I’m painting with gouache at the moment.  I’m exploring the medium more, using washes of colour before layering more opaque blocks of colour.  I’m excited to share some of my new artwork that has come about from this shift in process including this landscape of the Brighton/Sandgate foreshore.

Silver Lining by Leah Gay (2018)
Silver Lining by Leah Gay (2018) H.56cm x W.77cm Unframed.


Irish Scenes

I’m still playing with my Irish scenes which are ever evolving.  I love the subtle tones of pinks and reds that can be found in the mainly green countryside and am finding it challenging and exciting to express this in my paintings.


New Work on The Horizon


If you were following me on Instagram or Facebook or had the chance to read my latest blog post, you’d be aware that I’ve just spent a week in New Zealand visiting family.  The bonus was getting some beautiful drives in on the way to and from family farms on the southern part of the north island.   The vistas were certainly reminiscent of my travels in Ireland and the UK and of my family home of Victoria.  I’m currently plotting a series of landscape paintings based around this week away so stay tuned for some exciting new artwork.

Life Drawing

And just finally, the next month or so is going to be all about nudes.  I’m participating in the Stamford Art Trail, along with 9 other artists, at Bunya House.

This means we will be throwing open the doors to our life drawing studio for the first four weekends in June so you can see our artwork, meet some of the artists and see where the action happens.  Rachel at Artbalm is even running some costumed drawing classes for anyone looking to have a bit of a play on paper.

Click on this link to find out more details:

To celebrate the month of drawing I’m offering my subscribers an exclusive discount on any purchase of a life drawing made before the 30th of June.  Just use the code: DRAWJUNE18 to receive a 20% discount on your purchase.

And please say hi if you pop in to one of the open days, I love putting faces together with names.

Until Next Time,




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