Focus on The Horizon

Lines in nature are a big focus in my artwork.  I love curves, interesting textures created by line and mammoth horizon lines in our landscape.

The past few months I’ve been particularly focused on horizon lines and the the lines created in nature along the waterfront.  Living by the water on the north side of Brisbane has given me a new and accessible appreciation for this interest.  I’m building quite a collection of photographs that I’m banking for future artwork.

Whilst many of the images in my head are yet to get explored on paper, there is a few striking images that have demanded to be worked on immediately.

Ebb & Flow

This piece explores the ebb and flow of the tide on the Brighton/Sandgate waterfront in Moreton Bay.  The final light of day reflected in the pooling water as the tide moves forms beautiful lines that appear to dance across the surface of the bay.

Ebb and Flow by Leah Gay 2018 In Situ (1)
Ebb and Flow by Leah Gay (2018)

The painting was created by layering washes of gouache and watercolour paint, whilst adding details and texture with oil pastel and coloured pencil. It is painted on high quality 100% cotton watercolour paper.

This painting is currently available for sale.  Click on the image for details.

Silver Lining

Sunsets during storm season in Queensland can be particularly spectacular.  The light plays  on and through the clouds, which is then reflected in the water.  Rain in the distance forms a contrasting definition to the horizontal lines of the landscape.

Silver Lining by Leah Gay (2018)
Silver Lining by Leah Gay (2018)

This painting was created using gouache and watercolour on 100% cotton watercolour paper.  Detail has been created with coloured pencil.

This painting is currently available for sale.  Click on the image for more information.

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Australian Artist, painting with Gouache and Oil Pastel on Paper. Lover of lines, curves, colour and texture.

Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, I've spent most of my adult life travelling, time living in Sweden and Adelaide and have settled in Brisbane with my little family.

I'm creative by nature and find inspiration in many different corners of this world, some just under my nose, others a life time away. I blog because I love to share what I discover, and to inspire myself.

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