Art In Everyday Life

It’s so easy to think of art as exclusive, expensive and out of reach. In an era of artists selling online, outlets like Art Lovers Australia and Etsy it’s really not the case. In fact there’s no excuse not to have some beautiful original artwork on your wall when it’s so affordable. And don’t get me started on the list of places offering affordable prints.

One Step Better

I’ve taken the idea of affordable art in everyday life one step further recently. I’m now offering a limited range of notebooks covered in my artwork.

Rainbow Notebook In Situ July 2018

The notebooks are a great size to have in your handbag, take traveling or use for meeting notes. You can choose from lined, graph or blank pages. The hard cover means they’re useful on the go and will protect your doodles, musings or important information.


I currently have a limited range in stock for a quick despatch, but if you have you’re eye on another design the lead time is about 3 weeks for delivery.

If you’d like to know more head to my Etsy Shop by clicking on this link.

Until Next Time,

Leah x


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