Breaking Out The Sewing Machine

Another Dimension

Apart from painting I have many creative hobbies I dabble in. I’d love to say making clothes was one of them, but my sewing machine gets employed for a different purpose.

Machine Embroidered Gift Cards by Leah Gay
An example of one of my machine embroidered gift cards.

Early Beginnings

I first started using my sewing machine to do collage on gift cards. Recently, having admired the work of artists like Jude Fenton and Cayce Zavaglia, I thought I’d give it a go on some of my smaller landscape paintings I’ve been working on.

Dynamic Textures

The texture of the thread creates beautiful shadows and adds an animation to my pieces that I would struggle to create with paint. In particular I’m thrilled with how this piece really evokes the feeling of wind on the hill tops of a wild New Zealand Landscape.

Wild Mountains by Leah Gay 2018
Wild Mountains by Leah Gay 2018

Now Available

You’ll find the full collection of abstract sunsets listed on Etsy. Wild Mountains is available on Art Lovers Australia which also offers a money back guarantee on your purchase and Art Money for anyone wanting a payment plan. Don’t forget to read the details to see what conditions apply.


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