Bringing Spring Inside

Spring has sprung around where I am in Brisbane and it means that the native bushes and birds are out in force, the garden is going nuts and the flowers are attracting lots of bees.  All of this brings a special kind of buzz to the air and adds an extra spring to my step (pardon the pun!).

So I’ve been bringing Spring into my studio and playing with fun colours and flowers.  I’ve discovered different species of Birds of Paradise (Streletzia) and delve into the beautiful native flowers in my garden and paint Bottle Brushes and Gum Flowers.

This is just a sample of what I’ve recently completed so if you’d like to see more make sure you visit my Etsy Shop or visit my work on Art Lovers Australia.

A Bird in the Bush by Leah Gay In Situ
A Bird In The Bush
Lillium by Leah Gay 2018 In Situ
White Birds of Paradise in Situ
White Birds of Paradise
Bird of Paradise Yellow by Leah Gay 2018 in situ 2
Bird of Paradise on Yellow
Tranquility by Leah Gay (2018) In Situ
Calla Lily III by Leah Gay
Calla Lily III
Ink Bottlebrush by Leah Gay In Situ
Bottle Brush Ink Drawing

Until Next Time,


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