Colourful Australian Flowers

Bottle BrusheWe’re so lucky to have such a beautiful display of flowers in our garden.  Some of the plants were here when we moved in, and others we have added.  Currently its the bottle brush and gum nuts that are drawing my attention as they pop with bright reds and fun shapes and lines.

In need of some bright colours after my little series of White Birds of Paradise I decided I should bring some of the colour inside and explore the funky bottle brush flowers.  Work In Progress

This has resulted in me also bringing out the sewing machine and really working into the texture with sewn lines with some beautiful textured results.

On The Machine 1

Whilst this painting is still a work in progress, its certainly a technique I won’t be forgetting in the near future as its fun to explore making my marks with an unusual tool.

Dirty Hands

I’d love to know what other subjects you think could do with some machine embroidery treatments…please let me know below what your thoughts are.

Until Next Time,


Australian Artist




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