My name is Leah Gay and I am an Australian artist who works mainly with Gouache and Oil Pastel.

The obsession with gouache started in high school whilst studying Graphic Design and blossomed upon graduation when I found myself no longer studying anything creative.  Apart from casual life drawing classes I have not had any formal art training.

Over the years I’ve explored different subjects with this media whilst developing my style of combining the paint with oil pastel.  It is particularly suited to lines and curves which lends itself perfectly to nudes, nature and landscapes.  My work is influenced by years of travelling, a passion for food and a love of patterns and shapes.

Currently my eye is entranced by the lines created by the horizon, and as always, the magic of the female form.

Although a novice in the art world, my work can be found in private collections around the world, including Australia, Sweden and the US.


Unless noted all works shared on this site are original works by me, Leah Gay and all rights are reserved.  If you are interested in using my images please contact me directly.

Email: createdbyleahgay@gmail.com


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